Skilled Assistance With Your Estate Planning Needs

Estate planning is an essential factor in protecting your property, assets and loved ones in the event of a disabling condition or at the time of your passing. These documents ensure the preservation and disposition of your assets, while expressing your desires regarding care when you are no longer capable of voicing your wishes.

Estate planning is not just for the elderly. The following individuals can also reap the benefits of wills and trusts:

  • Young parents: A will and testamentary trust gives young parents the benefit of choosing individuals whom they wish to care for their children if something should happen to them. It also preserves assets to assure that the children's financial needs are met before they are given access to those assets.
  • Children with special needs: Appropriate planning will allow you to provide comforts to your child, that they would otherwise be disqualified from governmental programs providing support and assistance.
  • Newlyweds with children from a previous marriage: For those in a new relationship, with children not of that relationship, a will and attention to ownership and beneficiary designations is imperative. The interests of nonmarital children can have unintended impacts. A marital property agreement, modifying Wisconsin statutory law, may be necessary to assure your intentions are met.

We Are Also Thorough Stevens Point Guardianship Attorneys

At Schmidt & Grace Attorneys at Law, our lawyers are committed to helping our clients personalize their estate plans. We understand that the needs and concerns of each family are vastly different, and we tailor our services accordingly. Established in 1949, the firm and its attorneys have decades of experience helping individuals with the following:

  • Living trusts: This addresses the preservation of assets both to assure they are properly managed for your care and perhaps made available for succeeding generations. As of 2013, there is no Wisconsin inheritance tax, but for those whose assets may incur the federal estate tax, planning can minimize or eliminate that cost, at the same time providing assistance to manage assets should personal capabilities decline.
  • Wills, powers of attorney for finances, powers of attorney for health care: These documents assure that your desires are accomplished while easing the burdens on those who will care for you in your later years. Our attorneys can help you with the crucial supporting documents, proper ownership and beneficiary designations.
  • Guardianships: While the primary purpose of a power of attorney for finances and health care is to avoid the court proceeding that establishes guardianship, we are available to assist you through the confusing process of a court-authorized guardianship.

Our firm is prepared to provide assistance in all areas relating to estate planning, probate and guardianships, including court proceedings arising from disputes. Our experience will ease your involvement in these decisions and tasks. For a free consultation with one of our Wisconsin Rapids attorneys, email us or call us at 715-423-4100.