Working To Obtain Equitable Child Custody Arrangements

When children are involved in a divorce, the complexity and emotional strain of the situation increase exponentially. For most people, determining legal custody and placement is one of the hardest issues to navigate within a divorce.

The lawyers at Schmidt & Grace Attorneys at Law have many years of experience helping individuals as they negotiate child custody. We understand the emotional intensity of this experience, and we are determined to give you the compassion and caring legal advocacy that you deserve.

How Child Custody Decisions Are Made In Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, there are issues you might call "custody:"

  • Legal custody is the right to be involved in major decisions in a child's life. Most people have joint legal custody. This means that both parents are involved in making major decisions in their children's lives.
  • Placement refers to with whom the child will be living. Placement falls on a range. On one side, the child may live primarily with one parent and on the other, he or she may live equally with both parents. Child support is determined by the parent's percentage of placement.

In Wisconsin, a child's wishes may be taken into account when it comes to custody decisions. However, the court always has the final say. The court may overrule the child's decision if it determines that it is not in his or her best interests.

Since the court may or may not arrive at a decision that you would consider to be fair, it is generally best if both parents can reach their own agreements about custody and placement. We can assist you with creating a plan that will take into account the best interests of all parties, especially your children.

We Can Help You Get A Fair Outcome

Our extensive experience in family law allows us to help you decide what you feel is the best placement arrangement for your family. Observing your concerns and goals, we will work diligently to convince the court that your decision is the right one. This can be a rather complicated matter; but we will stand by you regardless of how simple or complex it may seem. To speak with one of our attorneys at our Wisconsin Rapids office, email us or call us at 715-423-4100.